Women of the English Revolution 1640-1660
Unbridled Spirits
The Women's Press, London 1998
A tempest of a book not to be missed.
John Carey

Unbridled Spirits is a vibrant and authoritative study of the women of the seventeenth century, women whose voices have been lost until now. Stevie Davies resurrects forgotten texts to bring to life prophetesses who predicted the fall of the king and the rise and fall of Cromwell; Peace Women who marched against the war; Leveller women who condemned oppressive legislators and abusive taxes; Fifth Monarchists who attacked the government; separatist women who founded dissenting churches and spoke for liberty of conscience; and radical Quakers who stood for gender and class equality.

This remarkable book shows how these revolutionary women found means to make their voices heard at a time when vociferous women were seen as a plague and a threat to society; when a woman's lot was to work hard, bear children and obey her husband. Speaking out, writing and demanding change took immense courage in the days when accusations of witchcraft were still rife, and when a woman could be publicly humiliated, ducked or bridled merely for scolding her husband, neighbours – or government.

In scorching prose, Stevie Davies plunges us straight into the drama of seventeenth-century England and the political turmoil of a country turned upside-down by the execution of its monarch. She provides a searing document of women's lives during one of our most turbulent and transformative periods of history.

Unbridled Spirits and Impassioned Clay inspired Firenza Guidi's 'performance trilogy': In My Mouth.

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Unbridled Spirits

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