ENGLAND 1600 - 1700


Channel 4 Books, London 2001
...contains new evidence on and insight into the Gunpowder Plot, Oliver Cromwell, the Plague and the Fire of London in 1666.
Bolton Evening News

Acclaimed author Stevie Davies explores the political and social history of England during this troubled century, when religious faith and political allegiance were intrinsic to one another and made for dramatic historical change.

Seventeenth century England saw a bloody civil war, a fratricidal conflict, the execution of a king (Charles I) and the transient establishment of a republic, followed within decades by the eviction of a Catholic king (James II). The Crown's power waned, to be replaced with party politics. The author provides a fast-paced, beautifully written and lively exploration from James VI of Scotland's ascent of the English throne as James I, through the English Civil War, the birth of the Commonwealth and subsequent Restoration of the monarchy, to the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Stevie Davies incorporates new research of her own, and fresh insights and evidence from contemporary experts on:
The Gunpowder Plot — The dramatic story behind an anonymous last-minute warning of the plot by Catholic terrorists to blow up Parliament.
Oliver Cromwell — How did this non-descript East Anglian gentleman emerge from the Fens to prove himself a military genius and a master politician, capable of reforming the army?
The Great Plague — The story of the worst-ever British pandemic, told through the experiences of the families living in the heart of the Plague's worst ravages.
The Great Fire of London — the human and scientific story of the chain of events which led to the destruction of over 430 acres of the City of London.
A Century of Troubles: England 1600-1700 accompanies: Plague, Fire, War and Treason, a season of 90-minute documentary films, about the century, broadcast on Channel 4 [U.K. Television] Autumn 2001.
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A Century of Troubles

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