Impassioned Clay
The Women's Press, London 1999
Eloquent, erudite and deeply moving.
The Sunday Times

When Olivia starts digging the grave of her Quaker mother in the garden of Pinfold Farm in Cheshire, where generations before her have been born, married and died, she comes face to face with a harrowing past. Buried beneath the thick layers of sour Cheshire clay, Olivia discovers a skeleton. It is crushed, the neckbone broken and the bones, fragile and decayed. But one thing remains completely intact – a scold's bridle.

Delving back into the turbulent history of the English Civil War, Impassioned Clay is a story of awakenings. It explores the blurring of lines between history and imagination; religious fervour and sexual desire; unorthodox passion and political aspiration; and exhumes the past from the present.

Impassioned Clay and Unbridled Spirits inspired Firenza Guidi's 'performance trilogy': In My Mouth.

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Impassioned Clay

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