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The Women's Press, London 2001
Resonating with poignant imagery this outstanding novel examines the best and worst of human nature.
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'Quantz hurled his Iron Cross in the air.  It described a high arc and plopped into the water like a stone.  Then, bending his knees, Michael swung his arm to skim the badges like spinning pebbles, which bounced twice, three times and sank.  The lake bottom, like a wishing well, was scattered with a maze of small change.'
May, 1945: the remnant of the Third Reich government, along with millions of refugees, dive for cover in Northern Germany.  Submerged beneath the waters of Lake Plön lie medals, weapons, uniforms, to be retrieved as relics by the advancing Allied powers.  Neither the elder nor younger generation of German and British characters in Stevie Davies' disquieting and compassionate new novel can escape the betrayals, brutalities and compromises that shaped and stained their history.  Beautifully written, with the immediacy of lived experience and a sustained ethical passion, The Element of Water is a requiem for lost children, a political meditation and a tender love story.
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The Element of Water

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