Four Dreamers and Emily
The Women's Press, London 1996
... an immensely enjoyable novel, lit by comedy and wisdom.
Helen Dunmore

Meet Eileen Nussey James. Single, over sixty and a self-professed expert on the Brontës and passion. Marianne Pendlebury, an overworked wife, mother and lecturer, whose career could be in jeopardy. Timothy Whitty, the ailing widower, sustained by nocturnal visits from the ghost of Emily Brontë and his cherished correspondence with Marianne. And Sharon Mitchell, a young waitress, resigned to life as an outsider until she is suddenly drawn into the curious orbit of academia. 

Four dreamers, each pursuing a solitary path, until a conference on the Brontës brings them together with profound and hilarious results...


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Four Dreamers and Emily

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